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Oil toluene GOST 14710-78

Indicators Standard
1 visual appearance and colour clear liquid that contains no impurities and water, which is not darker than the solution K2Cr2O7with concentration of g/dm3
2 density at 200С, g/сm3 0,865-0,867
3 limits of distillation of 98% by volume (including the boiling point of pure toluene of 110,60С), max 0,7
4 mass fraction of toluene, % min 99,75
5 mass fraction of impurities, %, max: 0,25
 non-aromatic carbohydrates 0,1
 benzene 0,1
 aromatic carbohydrates С8 0,05
6 colouring of sulfuric acid, number of reference scale, max 0,15
7 test on copper plate resistant
8 reaction of water extract neutral
9 evaporation evaporates without residue
10 mass fraction of total sulfur 0,00015